Hardcover book WHY WE ARE HERE
  • Hardcover book WHY WE ARE HERE

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    In this high quality illustrated book you will find a collection of exciting, hopeful and amazing travel stories of refugees. They all touch the heart, each in their own way. An unaccompanied minor foreigner tells of his first great love. A thirty-two-year-old Afghan woman gives insights into the beginning of a dignified life in Germany. A young Albanian reports about learning German. A Syrian student writes letters to her friend about her trip and arrival in Germany. A young Somali describes how he survived the dangerous flight ...


    The authors come from Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Albania and Syria. They all have in common that they came to Germany around 2015.

    They went on another journey together in the state capital of Wiesbaden: the “Storytelling for Change” project. They were accompanied by dedicated language sponsors who wrote the stories together with them in German.

    The resulting texts deal with life dreams, new beginnings, war, flight, love, separation, everyday life in Germany, hopes and encounters. Each of the nineteen stories is unique, and yet they all have something in common: they are stories of survivors. Stories that keep us alive. Tributes to love, peace and justice.

    190 pages with 79 illustrations and 32 color pages.


    This book was created in a project by MasterPeace Wiesbaden. The profits from the sale flow entirely to MasterPeace Wiesbaden and will be used for further book printing and intercultural projects!



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