• HEIMAT 2

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    "Conflicted Mind

    In times of terror, dare beauty;
    You were told repeatedly by your little brother.
    Oh stop it !!!
    You are tricking me again.
    How is that even possible?
    Which beauty are you talking about? ... "


    With this picture you will receive a poetic text by the artist about the process of creating the picture series "Heimat" - and about her personal view of this universal topic: Where can I find home?




    Azal Al-Salafi

    "I paint because it frees me."


    Azal is self-taught in abstract art. She recently revealed her hidden talent to the public. Painting is a passion that Azal oppressed while pursuing a study that she hoped to become a weapon of freedom. “As a child, I loved painting. But I completely forgot that when I immersed myself in my training. Securing livelihood was my top priority, especially as a woman who comes from a country like mine, ”Azal says of himself.


    Azal was born in Abian, Yemen, in 1988. Since her father was a professional nomad, the family has traveled back and forth from east to west since childhood. Cosmopolitan education shaped Azal's thoughts and she recognized herself as a global citizen who is never bound to a single place.


    In 2013 Azal graduated from the American University of Girne in Cyprus with honors in international law. She immediately set out to work as a lawyer in her home country without worrying about the critical situation and the ongoing civil war. Azal knew too little about the dangers facing herself as an independent woman in a conservative society and in a profession in which she had no state protection.


    In January 2015, when her life in Yemen was extremely difficult, Azal decided to take a break. She visited her parents, who had been living in Germany since 2008. A few days after their arrival in Frankfurt am Main, the state of war broke out in Yemen. Azal knew she couldn't go back.


    A personal crisis ensued, a time of dark thoughts that prompted Azal to start painting again. Because she saw painting as a form of self-expression and healing, Azal did not initially think about exhibiting her art, and certainly not about selling it. However, she continued to paint and optimized her techniques every day. Azal developed her very own method of abstract painting, using no proven tools and brushes. This results in impressive mixtures and combinations of acrylic colors. In passionate and unconventional processes of artistic creation, Azal brings captivating color compositions to life on the canvas, into which the viewer can sink unconditionally.


    Azal's strong desire for justice and her love for people led her to found the consulting agency Azal & Co., a start-up that creates awareness of the rights and capacities of migrants and aims to maximize their personal and professional potential.



      Dimensions 20 x 10 cm

      Acrylic paints on handmade canvas. Without frame.


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