Walls that shackle our hands
  • Walls that shackle our hands

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    The designer of the t-shirt is a graffiti artist. His stage name is Exist. He lives in Beirut. Learn more about Exist in the story we send you with the t-shirt.


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    Walls that stand between people, that is an unfortunately recurring story of mankind. The Berlin Wall has separated and split families and friends. In Beirut, the hometown of the designer Exist, walls were built between the state and the people, which currently led to protests and revolts. But the walls that have been built in our heads often prevent progress and take the courage to think big. The founder of The Ocean Clean-up, Boyan Slat, broke such walls. He dared to think big and put his thoughts into action. Suitable machinery was invented to free the world oceans from plastic.

    € 2 of every T-shirt sold goes to The Ocean Cleanup:


    * The Ocean Cleanup was selected by the founders of The Story Store based on their activities. There is no business relationship or sponsorship between The Story Store and The Ocean Cleanup. The environmental organization does not provide any consideration.








      Screen printing process

      Fair Wear shirt

      Organic cotton

      washable at 40 degrees (recommended 30 degrees inside out)


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