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    The longing for peace


    With this picture you get a text about the history of the painter's journey; from Kamishli, Syria, to Wuppertal in Germany.


    Hozan Enez

    "I paint because something moves in me that wants to get out - I have to paint!"


    In 2012, Hozan Enez left his hometown Kamishli to avoid being drafted into by the Syrian military. The first stop on the path of the then business student was a Kurdish refugee camp in Iraq. There he worked with the doctors without borders. Hozan reached Germany in 2015 via Turkey. First stop: Wuppertal. Then Dortmund, Frankfurt, Gießen and finally, in 2016, back to Wuppertal.


    Hozan begins to deal intensively with art and painting. He studies famous artists and their techniques and is increasingly drawn to artistic expression. He wants to find his own technique, something that makes his images shine through. "While studying painting, I discovered an artist in myself who was apparently just waiting to be released," says Hozan of his development. In Wuppertal he set up a network, made friends. In 2020 he will present his works to a wide audience in a first exhibition.


    You get the long form of artist history with the artwork.


      40 x 50, acrylic paints on canvas, without frame


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